Statistics are the derived numbers which affect the way in which a character interacts with the world. Most numbers are directly related to an attribute, or some simple derivation based on one or a group of attributes.

Each character has a basic initiative value determined by there Dexterity Attribute. To determine the base initiative of a character simply subtract their Dexterity score from 20. So a character with a dexterity score of 15 has a base initiative of 5.

Damage Capacity
The amount of damage a character can absorb before reaching a new health level.

Health Levels
A basic character has four health levels, Lightly injured, Injured, Severely Injured, and Dying. When a character takes their damage capacity in damage they change levels, so a character who has 7 damage capacity takes 10 damage then they have into lightly injured by 3 damage. Any injured character suffers a penalty to all of their tasks equal to the level of injury, so a LI character takes a -1 penalty, while a Severely Injured character takes a -3 penalty.

The characters drive to continue, either with the current course of action. A character facing adversity may see their resolve reduced. Resolve can be used to resist effects which would cause a character to act out of nature.


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