Fresh off the Boat

2147 reached out towards the light that was using her eyes as a hammer to her brain. She touched the cold hard transparisteel and managed to block the strobing red enemy for a long enough to begin hearing the loud rhythmic siren that accompanied it. Something was wrong, but she still couldn’t seem to clear her head, the amniotic fluid in her lungs was heavy and made it difficult enough to think clearly without the relentless light.

Eventually she managed to hit the release to the left and heard the vacuum system kick in as the pod was rapidly drained of the suspension fluid. Then came the cold, the absence of the warm fluid left her at the mercy of the rapidly moving air induced by the vacuum. Then retching, as her body began to reject the fluid that had sustained and protected it.

It was only a few minutes although time seemed stretched by the suffering. Her flesh felt afire, but it was her eyes that truly tortured her. Like the smallest of knives twisted and turned in each with a casual repetition that could only be delivered by the hand of the most callous of universes.

Somewhere in the back of her mind there was a though, “find out what went wrong…and fix it”. It repeated relentlessly eventually falling into rhythm with the damned light, like a divinely handed instruction punctuated by a dagger to the throat.

So she crawled, or at least dragged herself to the control panel to her left, not more then 10 feet and a lifetime away.

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Fresh off the Boat

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