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Systemic overview
Aspects of Cinematic Magic

  • Character Power Nature
    Each character power should have a definable sphere of effect. Some examples are elemental effects and their subtypes, healing, conjuration, creation, necromancy, mind-altering…

Pretty much any artistically definable umbrella under which you can group powers is reasonable. The more narrow the umbrella the cheaper levels in the ability should cost. For example if someone was to desire elemental magic as a nature for one of their powers that would be a very broad category which could be used to justify a great many potential effects and so should have a very high cost of advancement.

  • Power Level
    Each power has a relative power level, this is the extent to which effects can be justified with that power. For example a character who has earth magic 4 could justify 4 levels of immobilization, or 2 levels of damage and 2 levels of immobilization.


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