Character Point System

The most balanced way to make a character…

Character Points
Each player begins with 100 character points (nominally). These points must be distributed as follows:
Attributes 30 points
Skills 20 points
Abilities 20 points
Free Spend 20 points

Attribute Purchases
Attributes are purchased through the primary attributes: Physical, Mental, and Social.

CP Cost Attribute Value
4 2
6 3
7 4
8 5
11 6
14 7
18 8
25 9

After the primary attributes have been purchased simply assign 3x the attributes value worth of points among its sub attributes.

Skills are purchased individually, each advancement in Skills costing one character point.

Each ability has its own defined cost, the nature of the available abilities will determine this.

Free Spend
These points can be spent on pretty much anything, from available class structures and powerful race templates to additional attributes or skills or individual traits.

Character Point System

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